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Timeline & Changelog


Clover MSDAS v1.6 Major Hierarchical Clustering & Dendrogram Update
  • Hierarchical Clustering & Dendrogram
    • PCA at HC: Now PCA data is displayed when retrieving HC
    • Size plot and graphs can be now edited by the user
    • Dendrogram: Color squares can be now edited by the user
    • Cut-off: User can set a custom cutoff value to detect the clusters
    • Summary Table: A new table is displayed summarizing the content of the detected cluster and how the actual categories/classes are distributed
    • Categories as Dendrogram Metadata: One or several columns can be displayed next to the dendrogram. Each column has one coloured rectangle per spectrum. Each rectangle color matches one of the actual categories/classes labelled for the spectrum. This way, it is easy to visually check the detected clusters (unsupervised) and the actual clusters (supervised categories/classes)
  • Dual Tech: MALDI & FTIR
    • Now you can add your preferred technology at SignUp view
    • At User Profile section you can change now your preferred technology
    • Filter in Study List so MALDI-TOF or FTIR can be selected
  • Antibiotic Hydrolysis Analysis
    • Support for Meropenem
Clover MSDAS v1.5 Major Update: Features & Improvements
  • Premium users mode is now activated. All module and features are now unlimited for premium users.
  • FT-IR data.
    • FTIR Quality Control Module: First version of QC test for FTIR data.
    • Inclusion of new default ranges and internal improvements in range selection with FTIR data.
    • FTIR Reproducibility Module: First Version of reproducibility Analysis for FTIR data.
  • Algorithms.
    • Balanced Accuracy metric at confusion matrix is now calculated and displayed in confusion matrices.
    • PCA: Edit size, color and shape of displayed dots.
  • Analysis.
    • t-test is now available in biomarker analysis as univariate analysis.
    • MALDI Biomarker Analysis Module have been redesigned.
    • SNP pairwise distance heatmap: First version of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism heatmap.
Clover MSDAS v1.4 FTIR Upgrade: Features & Improvements
  • Armonisation between FTIR workflow and Clover MSDAS have been updated.
  • Rubberband algorithm has been added as Baseline correction algorithm.
  • New normalization algorithms:
    • Vector Normalization
    • Amide I Normalization
    • Amide II Normalization
  • Predefined ranges for absorbance mass filtering:
    • Membrane lipids [3000-2800]
    • Proteins [1800-1500]
    • Polysaccharides [1200-900]
Clover MSDAS v1.3 Features & Improvements
  • Outliers Detection Module first version release. PCA Reconstruction and Spectra Correlation analysis have been implemented.
  • Shapley Values plot includes now a bar plot to show the shapley values mean.
  • New file size upload limit is upgrade to 300MB.
  • Validation & Identification modules run now asynchronously. You can leave the screen and recover the result later.
  • Hyperparameters at classification can be now choosen manually or calculated via autotune algorithm.
  • ROC and Precision-Recall curves displayed up to 4 decimals for AUC values and can be downloaded in CSV format.
  • Error Rate have been added as a metric.
  • LightGBM have been adjusted on how hyperparameters are optimized.
  • In the ROC curve table at Biomarker Analysis module, you can click now on the table rows for selecting masses. Once they are selected, a peak matrix can be automatically generated by using those masses.
Stable version v1.0 of Clover MS Data Analysis Software


Major updates

  • Multitask mode: Now supervised classifiers run in asynchronous mode. Therefore, the user can leave or close the page/tab safely or work in other tasks, because the result will be there next time the classifier page is accessed.
  • Performance improvements: Algorithms now work in dedicated processes.
  • Random Forest: Newly optimized hyperparameters are: number of estimators, max features, max tree depth, min split size, min number of samples per leaf.
  • LightGBM: Adjustments on hyperparameters optimization. Shapley feature importances optimization.
  • Biomarker Analysis: In the ROC curve table, the user can click on the table rows for selecting masses. Once they are selected, a peak matrix can be automatically generated by using those masses as biomarkers.

Minor updates

  • TIC normalization: is now performed using the area under the entire spectrum.
  • Find Peaks Graph: The user can click on a detected peak for displaying a label with the mass value.
  • Biomarker Analysis: When a row is clicked in the ROC curve table, now it is also filtered in the Peak Distribution table.


Major version v0.6 LightGBM Algorithm
  • Light Gradient Boosting Machine (LightGBM) algorithm added
  • Shapley Values analysis section added in Random Forest and LightGMB algorithms
  • Confidence ellipses now can be displayed at PCA Analysis
  • SVG vector image format added. Now plots and charts can be downloaded as .svg
Major version v0.5 FTIR support
  • Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) format is now supported
  • The platform now allows work with infrared spectroscopy data in all modules
  • FTIR Specific preprocessing steps added
Minor version v0.4.5
  • ROC curves added in all modules
  • Precision-Recall curves added in all modules
Major version v0.4 Validation Module
  • Validation Module added
    • Now all models can be validated easily
    • Results can be downloaded as .csv
    • Resulting plots can be download as images

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