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Major version v0.6 LightGBM Algorithm
  • Light Gradient Boosting Machine (LightGBM) algorithm added
  • Shapley Values analysis section added in Random Forest and LightGMB algorithms
  • Confidence ellipses now can be displayed at PCA Analysis
  • SVG vector image format added. Now plots and charts can be downloaded as .svg
Major version v0.5 FTIR support
  • Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) format is now supported
  • The platform now allows work with infrared spectroscopy data in all modules
  • FTIR Specific preprocessing steps added
Minor version v0.4.5
  • ROC curves added in all modules
  • Precision-Recall curves added in all modules
Major version v0.4 Validation Module
  • Validation Module added
    • Now all models can be validated easily
    • Results can be downloaded as .csv
    • Resulting plots can be download as images
Minor version v0.3.5 K-Nearest Neighbors
  • K- Nearest Neighbors (KNN) added
  • Neighborhood Components Analysis (NCA) added in KNN module
Minor version v0.3.5 Carbapenemases detection
  • Carbapenemases detection module added for specific institutions
  • FAQ´s section added
Major version v0.3 Random Forest Analysis
  • Random Forest (RF) Analysis added
  • Module for blind sample identification added
Minor version v0.2.5
  • Biomarker analysis module added
  • Reproducibility analysis improvements
  • Metrics for K-Fold validation added
    • F1 score
    • Clinical scores
    • Classification scores
  • Feature importances added in all analysis
Major Version v2 Support Vector Machine Analysis
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM) Analysis added
  • MALDI-TOF Bruker© format support added
  • K-fold cross validation added
  • Categories section added for studies
Minor version v0.1.5
  • Reproducibility Analysis Module implementation
  • Peak findings improvements
  • Preprocessing improvements
    • Variance stabilization added
    • Mass filtering improvements
  • Alignment improvements
  • Automatic replication spectra added
Major Version v0.1 PLS-DA Module
  • Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA) implementation
  • MALDI-TOF open format support improvements
  • Hierarchical Clustering (HC) improvements
  • Principal Components Analysis (PCA) improvements
  • Smoothing added
  • Baseline subtraction added

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