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AI-powered and cloud-based epidemiology tool  for Strain Typing (ST), and Antimicrobial Resistance Detection (AMR) on MALDI-TOF MS and FTIR data

A flexible and easy-to-use platform to take you beyond Microbial ID

Implement an in-house bioinformatics pipeline that determines species identification (ID), complemented by Strain Typing (ST – Bacterial Sub-Species Typing) profiling and antimicrobial resistance enzyme content using the same MALDI TOF/FT-IR data.

  • Bacterial Sub-Species Typing
  • Track outbreaks using ST/carbapenemase gene pairings representing widely distributed high-risk clones or clusters at a regional or hospital level. Enhance biosecurity and infection control in veterinary hospital environments.
  • Co-create: work in consortia with different geographies by uploading your spectral libraries to a single cloud-based, secured location and then easily co-creating and sharing classification models to be used by your colleagues.

Dual Technology

The first software to combine MALDI-TOF MS and FTIR (psst, now also NGS) data in a single platform

Build your own prediction models

Easily create your training/validation sets and train with a complete variety of ML algorithms

Pre-trained AMR models

Detect antimicrobial resistance in: K. pneumoniae, A. fumigatus, P. aeruginosa, C. difficile

Antibiotic Hydrolysis detection

Identify hydrolysys effect on Imipenem, Cefotaxime, Ceftriaxone and Meropenem

Biomarker analysis

Easy access to statistical tools: t-test, Pearson correlation, ROC curves and much more

Quality control and reproducibility

Curate your data, discard low quality spectra and check for reproducibility in your experiments

How it works

Make the best use of the data you are already producing

Workflow 1: Subtyping or resistance marker detection using pretrained prediction models

Generate spectra with your MALDI or FTIR instrument

Generate spectra from any instrument and following the standard workflow already in use.

Upload to Clover MSDAS prediction tool

Just drop the spectra file(s) generated into one of our prediction models based on your microbial ID result.

Get your result in minutes

Follow the quick process and get your subtyping or AMR results in just a few minutes!

Workflow 2: Creating your own prediction models to solve any problem of your interest

Create a training dataset with your MALDI or FTIR spectra

Follow our assisted process to easily create and categorize your training, test and validation dataset.

Train your model

Choose from a wide range of Machine Learning algorithms. Use bioanalysis tools to take your knowledge further.

Validate your model

Save your trained model and use it later to blindly identify new samples from yours or a different lab.

All you can think of

Designed by microbiologists for microbiologists

AMR detection & subtyping

Pretrained prediction models to get more information on your Microbial ID-identified MALDI spectra.

  • Identification of resistance mechanisms Carbapenemase Producing (CP) Klebsiella pneumoniae: KPC, OXA-48, NDM, VIM
  • Azole-resistance detection in Aspergillus fumigatus complex isolates
  • Prediction of high-risk clones of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: ST175 and ST235
  • Prediction of Clostridioides difficile TER and ST181/ST027


Analyze your spectra with specific tools from reproducibility to quality control checks.

  • Biomarker Analysis with improved algorithms
  • Outlier detection
  • Spectra Quality Control
  • Reproducibility test with Correlation analysis & Peak distribution
  • Antibiotic Hydrolysis Detection Analysis

Train your model

  • Best Machine Learning algorithms to make prediction models with your datasets
    • Hierarchical clustering
    • K-Means clustering
    • Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis
    • Linear Support Vector Classification
    • Random Forest Classification
    • K Nearest Neighbours Classification
    • LightGBM Classification
  • Clinic metrics, tables, plot and graphs from algorithms available for downloa

Predict & Identify

Validate your prediction models and use them to identify blind samples.

  • Blind sample identification
  • Validation of prediction models
  • Multicentre validation
  • Provide resistance score

"Your software literally saved our project"

– Dr. Belén Rodríguez, Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Spain

"This software is unique in its ability to process and compare MALDI and FTIR data together"

– Dr. Emmanuel Wey, Royal Free Hospital, UK

"The platform is flexible, informative and intuitive. Congratulations"

– Dr. Ângela Novais, UCIBIO, Portugal

"It’s just the workflow that we need. And sharing data with others is really important to us"

– Dr. Gianluca Foglietta, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Italy

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