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Major updates

  • Multitask mode: Now supervised classifiers run in asynchronous mode. Therefore, the user can leave or close the page/tab safely or work in other tasks, because the result will be there next time the classifier page is accessed.
  • Performance improvements: Algorithms now work in dedicated processes.
  • Random Forest: Newly optimized hyperparameters are: number of estimators, max features, max tree depth, min split size, min number of samples per leaf.
  • LightGBM: Adjustments on hyperparameters optimization. Shapley feature importances optimization.
  • Biomarker Analysis: In the ROC curve table, the user can click on the table rows for selecting masses. Once they are selected, a peak matrix can be automatically generated by using those masses as biomarkers.

Minor updates

  • TIC normalization: is now performed using the area under the entire spectrum.
  • Find Peaks Graph: The user can click on a detected peak for displaying a label with the mass value.
  • Biomarker Analysis: When a row is clicked in the ROC curve table, now it is also filtered in the Peak Distribution table.