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  • Outliers Detection Module first version release. PCA Reconstruction and Spectra Correlation analysis have been implemented.
  • Shapley Values plot includes now a bar plot to show the shapley values mean.
  • New file size upload limit is upgrade to 300MB.
  • Validation & Identification modules run now asynchronously. You can leave the screen and recover the result later.
  • Hyperparameters at classification can be now choosen manually or calculated via autotune algorithm.
  • ROC and Precision-Recall curves displayed up to 4 decimals for AUC values and can be downloaded in CSV format.
  • Error Rate have been added as a metric.
  • LightGBM have been adjusted on how hyperparameters are optimized.
  • In the ROC curve table at Biomarker Analysis module, you can click now on the table rows for selecting masses. Once they are selected, a peak matrix can be automatically generated by using those masses.